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Syndicate Module

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The syndicate module will display a link that allows users to take a feed from your site. It will only display on pages for which feeds are possible. That means it will not display on single article, contact or weblinks pages, such as this one. Help

Random Image Module

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This module displays a random image from your chosen image directory. Help

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News Flash

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Displays a set number of articles from a category based on date or random selection. Help

  • Designed by the renowned Architect Navin Gooneratne

    20 minutes to Colombo from the Airport exit on the Highway!

  • “We are very pleased with the dining chairs that RJ Interior’s completed for us. The service provided was both efficient and consultative. Timely delivery of goods within the agreed timing was indeed a true testament to the enduring professionalism of RJ Interiors. We have no hesitation in recommending RJ Interiors for décor solutions”

    Janakan & Danusha Selvaratnam
    Citi Bank

  • “We are pleased to recommend RJ Interiors as a reliable partner for interior works as well as the supply of high quality soft furnishings.

    We have worked with RJ Interiors for approx 10 years and are completely satisfied with the products and excellent service we have enjoyed over the years.

    Apart from the exemplary quality and timely supply, we have also benefitted tremendously from their personalised attention to detail as well as after sales service and follow up.”

    Ryan Raymond
    MD – Colma (Pvt) Ltd

  • The property market has grown because it often responds to innovation. We treat each client as a unique individual.This uniqueness, coupled with the trust and reliance go hand-in-hand with RJ Interiors! We manage your real estate portfolios by providing services such as renting, leasing, re-sale & other related property management requirements.

  • The service provided by RJ Interiors to my organization’s interior design is to be commended. The results of the interior décor solutions, creating the necessary ambience in my office are praiseworthy.

    As a defense university where punctuality is a much stressed component, I appreciate the timely delivery of the desired outcomes by RJ Interiors. Their professional approach to the work must also be emphasized. I am highly satisfied with the work delivered by them to KDU and their personalized service at all times.

    Major General Milinda Peiris
    Vice Chancellor
    General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University

Latest Articles Module

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This module shows a list of the most recently published and current Articles. Some that are shown may have expired even though they are the most recent. Help

Second Blog Post

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First Blog Post

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Saturday, 01 January 2011 00:00

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Feed Display

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This module allows the displaying of a syndicated feed. Help

No feed URL specified.

Custom HTML Module

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This module allows you to create your own HTML Module using a WYSIWYG editor. Help


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The content component (com_content) is what you use to write articles. It is extremely flexible and has the largest number of built in views. Articles can be created and edited from the front end, making content the easiest component to use to create your site content. Help

Article Categories Module

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This module displays a list of categories from one parent category. Help


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